Friday, 8 January 2010

Weight Loss

So like as many others this time of year I'm going to try and loose some weight. I think this something I should try and do because at the moment I am in an unhealthy weight range and I am also very unfit!
My current weight is 9 stones and 10 pounds (136pounds ) and I'm 5ft 2. I would ultimately like to weigh 8 stone. I would like to try and loose 22lbs (1lb a week) which I think is realistic!
So to try and achieve this I'm going to do the following things:
1.Get to the gym at least 3 time a week
2.Eat a healthy breakfast as I don't usually eat breakfast (I know if this is bad lol)
3.Drink lot and lots and lots of water :)
4.Try and cut down portion sizes
5.Only snack on fruit and Veg and eat all my meals
6.Also pictures are always very inspirational to me so here is my picture for this week

I will keep you updated and also have a 'weigh in' every Saturday or Sunday, I will make any changes that are necessary to my goals/diet and say whats going well and what isn't. Also I will obviously tell you my weight loss/gain.
I would also like to ask everybody if they have any weight loss/health tips, It would be much appreciated!


Tabitha C W R said...

If you have a wii fit they are like amazing i do about 30mins on mine evry day.
this is what my sister does she is 20 and she is like 7 stone, it so unfair
any ways she eats every 3 hours but like small bits at a time.
And yea i have been drinkin lots of water for the past week and my skin looks lush :D xx
good luck on it

Sawah89 said...

I wish that i was well behaved enough to stick to healthy eating and exersise i just cant i get so easily tempted by rubbish food :(

Cat said...

hi hun, you're officially on the list for the WLC, im blogging about it later today :D xxx

Juicygirl said...

drink loads of water especially before meals works a treat good luck with you diet plan :)

Fern said...

Good Luck! xx

Anonymous said...

Good luck girl. That's good that your trying to become healthier because your health is very important:)

Katie Hayward said...

I love this idea ... good luck :D

lots of love,

stasie said...
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Wendy Ayche said...

Thanks for the review :)
Much love,