Thursday, 7 January 2010

Troubled Teen

Ugh :(
So I've just go grounded for the next two weeks, but instead of getting down about it (me always the optimist) has decided to make the most of it. So because I'm going to have no social life boo :( I'm going to focus my time on self improvement which will consist of:
1. Making my blog as FABULOUS as possible lol I'm going to try to do a post every day or so :)
2. Getting the gym and try to get as fit as possible
3. Catching up on homework/coursework
4. Get some early nights and catch up on sleep
5. Reading lots of blogs and watching YouTube videos
6. Work my way thorough my true blood books that I got for Xmas! :)
Hopefully all these things will help me not get too bored while I'm under house arrest :')
Well I shall put an end to this little ramble, and watch this space for lots of posts in the near future!


Tabitha C W R said...

I am looking forwards to the blogs :D , being grounded sucks i feel for you x

ellinelle said...

..I have promised to myself to start running again..not done since autumn.. : ) the snow keeping me in the house in early hours..

Megan said...

Sounds good that your setting out your time
I should really get started with that
Otherwise I'll spend most of my time on Facebook chat

Anonymous said...

haha sometimes this is good because you have time to catch up on yourself and stop worrying about everyone else! :)