Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Top 3 Perfumes

So here are my top 3 perfumes a have a fair few that I have recivied for Christmas or Birthdays but here are my all time favourites :)

(from left to right)
Vera Wang Princess:
Its descibed as being: This extraordinary fragrance was created by Vera Wang. Its sexy scent includes a mixture of water lily, apple, mandarin meringue, and golden apricot skin, dark chocolate, amber, musk, and vanilla.
This is just such a gorgous scent it is very light and to me smells of flowers and vanilla YUM! It is also really young and fresh as it's marketed at the younger crowd as you can see by the loveley bottle. However I would recomended this to anyone of any age. It also one of those bottles thats going to look great on your dressing table and make you feel happy everytime you spray it, I just lovvvvvee this perfume!
Britney Spears Fantasy:
Its descibed as being: A beautiful scent hints of red lychee, golden quince,Kiwi, cupcake accord,jasmin petals,white choclate, orchid, musk, orris root and sensual woods.

This is such a lovley perume don't be put off by the fact that it's britney spears lol ;) This is one of my favourites but it's definatly not for everyone. I would recomend it to those of you who are really girly, as this fragrance it just that super sweet and girly. I love the bottle too some may say it tacky but really like it :) haha

Calvin Klein Eternity Moment:

Its described as being: Modern, ‘fresh-squeezed’ floral scent it has Lychee, Pink Peony, Passion Flower, NympheaBase Notes: Rosewood, Tasberry Cashmere, Musks

To me this smells very floral, and it somehow reminds me of the smell of turkish delight. It seems like a much more sophisticated scent than the other two somthing you would wear to a wedding or for a meal out with you family rather than partying the night away with your mates ;) lol it is probaly marketed to an older crowed that me however it's a very stunning and unique perfume.

So those are my favourite fragrances what are you favourite scents?



Ashwini said...

I've always wanted to buy a Vera Wang perfume! Great blog, just started following you. :)

Abbie :D said...

You should it's gorgous :)
Thanks so much for following

Hollywood said...

I love curiois from Britney so sweet so delicious <3

Anonymous said...

..hello..wish you luck with your blog..looks that you will do very good : ) my vera wang still in my wardrobe,a bit too sweet for me..my favorite Chanel Chance green ..

Tara said...

love love love vera wang and britney, both gorgeous :) xoxo

Shifa said...

I have been wanting to try the vera wang from aages!

Kate Gene said...

I love Clinique Happy and Marc Jacobs Daisy!

Good luck with your blog! I'm a new blogger, too! :)


Erin Rose . said...

i use vera wang too , its devine ! im a new blogger too . you should try dior - pure poison . its lovely xo

DangerouslyBeauty said...

Hi, I'm gonna follow you, your blog seems really cool. Please do the same to me :))))
Oh, I had the Vera Wang perfume and it is really goood :) x

Lorien BeautyLove said...

I love Princess by Vera Wang aswell!!!

You should try Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture! SO good! x

Sophie Rebecca said...

vera wang princess is the best perfume, <3 it x

Jewelry Artisan: Harjot said...

I have all 3 too!!:)